Summer 2023


June 21, 2023


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June 21, 2023
Summer is here! What are Star Rock kids excited about?

Our summer season has begun! Star Rock Ministries has been hard at work preparing camp experiences for the 2023 season. Here's an overview of our summer programs:

May 4-Star Rock Ministries Urban Partners Leadership Summit, San Clemente, CA

July 2-7- XLR8 #1 Star Rock Camp at Emerald Cove Camp, Bass Lake, CA

July 3-7- Star Rock Ministries Day Camp Adventure at Emerald Cove Day Camp, San Juan Capistrano, CA

July 14-18-Summer Institute Camp, Camp Jordon, Houston, TX

UYWI summer camps and retreats throughout the country

August 11-13-Stronger Camp at Carolina Creek Camp, Huntsville, TX

August 20-25-XLR8 #2 Star Rock Camp at Emerald Cove Camp, Bass Lake, CA

Join us in praying and investing in these phenomenal programs. The gift of camp can change a life forever.

“Camp is a game changer.  More than any other program during the year, camp provides the greatest amount of concentrated growth for urban at-risk kids.”  

                                         -Larry Acosta, Executive Director-City to City Los Angeles